Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why should I learn math?

Math is beautiful, useful  and as valuable a part of our common culture as music or poetry.
I think there no better subject to study.

It is unfortunately a large hole in education, particularly US education: math is taught, but poorly and at a low level. This is not unique to math-philosophy is also little taught, and music likewise but my love of  math makes this failure of education hurt all the keener .

I cannot here convey the joy nor beauty of math :it is an unfamiliar beauty, yet deeply human and underlies many other more familiar beauties. 
Give it a shot , and you may find a new love that`ll last a lifetime.

By unfamiliar I mean: explaining the joy and beauty of math to someone for whom "math" means "long division" is like explaining poetry to someone for whom "English" means "spelling". If you have never read a sentence, the  beauty of poetry is literally indescribable: it is completely alien. This is truly how different serious math is from arithmetic.

Math is not primarily about doing computations , but about abstract patterns and structures. Computations are a necessary part of doing math , like spelling is to writing , but are not end into themselves.

Some of these structures  have the character of wit, of cleverness; others are geometric, but a geometry that cannot be drawn and can only be visualized indirectly, in your mind`s eye.

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Plus, just about anything you deal with in the material world : houses, buildings, roads, water pipes, cell phones, tools, plates, ..., "you-name-it",
has been first designed using math before production even begins!

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