Sunday, June 10, 2012

24 from 8,8,3,3 Puzzle

Hi my friends . today i wanna to ask you a puzzle and i wish to get  solution from you.

the puzzle is:

How can you  get the answer 24 by only using the numbers 8,8,3,3.

You can use the main signs add, subtract multiply and divide.

good luck^.^

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(3+3)*sqrt(8+8) ?
sqrt(3x3x8x8) ?
(8-3)!/(8-3) ?

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ur answer is true..thanx u very much..
we can also use
((√(8+8) × (3/3))!
(log base(3!/3) of 8) × 8

what about this
((log base(3!/3) of (8+8))!

Jack Fouad and Eman Zak provide great "out of the box" answers!
Do you think that there are any more possibilities?
Was trying to figure out how to use tetration and exponentiation but the numbers got too big?

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